The U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Passengers at St. Pete- Clearwater airport, on their entry to the United States, must undergo security clearance at CBP. CBP agents monitor and check passports, permit cards, immigration documents, Visa, and other federal or state-issued I.D.s.

Baggage Claim and Meeting Points

At the baggage claim area, there are Baggage Carts and Skycap services provided for arriving passengers. Skycap offers assistance with luggage for those people who need specialized help.

Passengers at PIE should check the lighted display signs, designated above the Baggage Belts 4 for arriving flight.

To greet passengers, PIE visitors should check flight information monitors for further directions to arrival gates. Gates 2-6 are located between Ticketing A and B, while Gates 7-10 exit into the Baggage Claim area. Arrival Gate 1 is situated in Ticketing A, while Arrival Gate 11 is in the Baggage Claim.